Public Archaeology

Since its creation, CEPAP has led and participated in initiatives and projects aimed at establishing a more close relationship between local communities and general public and archaeological research and heritage. These activities involve not only the activation of communication programs, but also to explore these multifold relations and their impact on society:

Scientific communication

  • Scientific communication and public participation: work in progress
  • Web 2.0 and social networks in heritage communication

Heritage tourism and local development

  • International networks on scientific tourism 
  • The role of cultural heritage in regional economic development

2012ACDA00024 - Viure la Prehistòria de La Noguera
2011ACDC00014 - De l'Arqueologia experimental a la vivència pròpia
2010ACDC00100 - Viatge L'arqueologia: una ciència pròxima
2009ACDC00028 - Viatge als nostres orígens: Els primers pobladors dels Pirineus 


Els nostres espais virtuals